I love esoteric topics 

and have an interest in spiritual astrology,

Eastern spiritual practice and mysticism.

I combine this with a sometimes irreverent sense of humour.


I am

interested in

independent animated films, stories and imagery

that explore spiritual dimensions of experience,

and environmental and social justice concerns.

But sometimes, the simplicity and cleverness of  satire

 and humour

to capture the irony of life is as important.


I am also interested in abstract films

and in abstraction itself.


think that

 clever animated film

succeeds with a good script and

innovative visual media and techniques

- love films and imagery that make use of

unconventional mediums

to draw the scenery

and characters.

I still appreciate

a story that has clever wit

as much as one which provides a

deep insight into the dilemma

and complexity of being

human on planet Earth.

I love

viewing art

that moves me,

challenges me to think

and feel differently,

and strives

to make

this a

better world,

despite all the

uncertainty and angst.



my career

as a cartoonist but

have progressed to producing

imagery of a symbolic and illustrative nature.

I like to use traditional media to create images

and then enhance them using electronic media.

I also believe our hands (fingertips)

are the best drawing tool around,

although I like using sticks, stones,

the other end of the painting brush 

and other unconventional drawing implements

to elicit a range of line strengths and visual effects.


 I love the medium of ink

because of its fluidity

and unpredictability.


I still favour

the old fashioned way of

completing an ink washed drawing

...and love the effects of charcoal.


 I believe we draw with our body and

not with the drawing implement

attached to our hand. We draw

through this implement.


The interior world

of the artist

is revealed in the

exterior mark made 

on a surface


Being near the sea is essential for me,

as are regular sojourns with Nature

...and star gazing is a must.

I love

the poetry of Keats,

the music of Mozart


the writings of Anais Nin , Rumi, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman


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